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Welcome to – a java tutorial website that helps you refresh or understand Java programming concepts and BigData technologies and prepare for technical interviews.

Hi, My name is Vivek HJ

Vivek HJ

I'm a developer and yes I like to code. I live in Bengaluru, India. I started this blog to learn Java in depth and it has become a passion for me. I assure you, there will be more and more articles on the way. If you want to know more about me,
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Why CoreJavaGuru?

This site is dedicated to helping others to learn BigData technologies and Java programming skills to achieve personal and professional goals. CoreJavaGuru uses simple code explanations, and illustration. CoreJavaGuru is, and will always be, a completely free resource. Content and resources of CoreJavaGuru are freely available and I prefer to keep it that way to encourage my readers gain knowledge. I don’t force my readers to sign up or submit their details either. No conditions, just read it.

Most of the content I write are what I read from other websites, blogs, books, journal articles and forums. I reproduce the content in my own terms and add little bit of my experience and present it to you. I owe it to these sources and my sincere thank you to all.

I worked very hard to make CoreJavaGuru interesting and useful. If you find an error, or a broken link, please tell me about it.

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